15 Walt Disney Quotes That Can Change Your Life

Walt Disney started Disney, which grew to become the world’s largest entertainment enterprise. He was an American entrepreneur, cartoonist, and visionary leader whose work disrupted several sectors. Walt Disney died on December 15, 1948, but his teachings will live on and inspire future generations. So be prepared. This post will go through 21 Walt Disney … Read more

8 Things Every Over-thinker Needs to know.

Raising anything to its maximum capacity is great, but when it exceeds its maximum capacity, it leads to a problem. The same goes for overthinking, oversharing, overworking, overloving, and overtrusting. Overthinking is bad because you end up creating problems that don’t exist and creating scenarios that will never happen. You may doubt your decisions and … Read more

11 signs that show you’re an out-of-the-box thinker

The most generic advice you’d most likely hear in relation to ideas is to “think outside the box.” Almost every advertisement that insinuates creativity uses this tagline. Despite the popular media encouraging thinking outside the box, we still find ourselves bound by socially acceptable standards. Being an outside-the-box thinker means having the capability and the … Read more