Ethics Policy

Ethics Policy of

As journalists, we seek the truth and strive to present a responsible and fair glimpse of the world. The newspaper is our powerful vehicle, and we endeavor to face the public with respect and honesty.

Our power must be used responsibly. Our notebooks and cameras are tickets into people’s lives, sacred worlds, and complex institutions.

Our job is to intensely scrutinize the activities of others as watchdogs that challenge authority and give voice to the voiceless. Our actions should withstand equally intense scrutiny. We should be transparent.

Transparency is won through accuracy, compassion, intellectual honesty, and a reflective mission to convey complete, contextual views of our world. When we are transparent, we conduct our professional lives as if all our colleagues and readers watch over our shoulders.

We aim to begin and end each day with a primary obligation to the public’s right to know.

With every ethical scar, we threaten a delicate relationship with readers. Ethical breaches violate hard-earned trust and shatter our credibility.

To properly understand and reflect on the community, we must live thoroughly and wholeheartedly in it. The constant tension of demanding a better society while still living in it is an obligation of a passionate and compassionate journalist. We should be independent without being detached.

Ethics is the constant process of examining and drawing these lines. It is a communal effort, and we should hold each other accountable for protecting our values. These values must come through a discussion with our conscience, colleagues, and leaders for the public interest and our professional education.