This man builds Billion dollar business empire with used cars in just 6 year! Here’s how

Entrepreneur Aaron Tan was going to start a business. As a former venture capitalist who spent his twenties investing in start-ups across the U.S. and Southeast Asia, Tan learned early on to evaluate companies based on their current model and ability to scale. So when he saw momentum growing in the auto industry in the mid-2010s, … Read more

10 Life Lessons From Hungry Jack’s Billionaire Jack Cowin!

Jack Cowin is a guy who’s been around the block. At the age of 79, the Canadian-Australian entrepreneur has managed to amass a net worth nearing $5 billion USD—an impressive fortune that a handful of key achievements has defined: introducing Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) to our sunburnt shores circa 1969—for which we’re eternally grateful—and establishing Hungry … Read more

Priceless advice of Elon Musk for the Young and Ambitious people

Getting the right degree from the right school is essential if you come from a specific high-achieving background. Everything you do from nursery school onward is directed at receiving that crucial fat envelope from the university of your dreams. But super-entrepreneur Elon Musk has a message for degree-obsessed young people and companies desperate to hire … Read more

Billion Dollar start-up founder shares his best advice for building a business!

Aaron Tan has experience running businesses as the co-founder and CEO of the $1 billion vehicle marketplace Carro as well as a previous start-up investor. But if he could give other aspiring businesspeople any advice, it would be to team up with someone. “I’m not sure if I’m competent to offer general advice.” But I … Read more

She started a company with only $500, now the company generated $355,000 – Here’s how she did it

With just $500, Philomina Kane launched Kin Clothing in 2020. The business made $355,000 in sales this year. According to Philomena Kane, stress was causing her hair to fall out. When Kane was a Princeton University freshman majoring in biology eight years ago, she was feeling the pressure. She then completely shaved off her hair, … Read more

University dropout Téllez builds a brand worth $140,00,000 USD! Here’s her story-

Two years ago, while many of her peers at Columbia University were busy picking majors, cramming for finals, and running to part-time jobs, Cami Téllez was quietly building a multi-million dollar company. Téllez founded Parade, a direct-to-consumer intimates brand, while she was an undergraduate at Columbia, alongside her business partner Jack DeFuria, who was also … Read more

Graham Stephan is earning $6 million per year from ‘Youtube’! Here’s his story-

The first thing you notice upon entering Graham Stephan’s Las Vegas house is a large 310-gallon aquarium. The favorite property of the YouTube star is unmistakable: it has color-changing lights, coral reefs, and colorful fish. The $45,000 he invested in the aquarium, filtration system, and marine life is what he refers to as a “pure … Read more

9 and 13 year old siblings earning over $30,000 USD per month! Here’s how they are doing-

Ishaan Thakur, 14, and his sister Aanya, 9, spent the summer developing a successful cryptocurrency mining business. Ishaan tells CNBC Make It, “We started out because we wanted to learn something new about technology—and also make a few bucks along the way. According to Ishaan, the siblings generate over $30,000 each month mining three different … Read more