Little girl gives her dinner to homeless man – days later, the phone rings….

A little girl looked out the window of a restaurant and saw a homeless man. She wanted to help him right away. After the story went viral online, many people praised her kindness, and she got a phone call she wasn’t expecting.

Eddie Scott and his daughter Ella, who was 8 years old at the time, went to a restaurant in Monterey, California, to spend some time together. Two people were sitting by a window when they saw a man who looked like he needed to eat.

The girl’s dad could tell that she wanted to help. The 8-year-old girl looked up at her father after being given a plate of tasty steak and potatoes and asked him a simple question. “Can I just give him some?” she asked.

Eddie told her that she should share the meal. Eddie showed a video from 2016 in which a young girl was eager to help a man. She went outside to give it to him.

Later, when he said his name was David Salkowski, he looked shocked by what she did. He took the meal, and Ella was all smiles when she got back to the restaurant. “Ella has always had a big heart,” her father said.

Millions of people watched the video quickly and praised both the child and her father.”You’re a great little girl, and I’m happy for you! ws, and many people praised both the child and her father: “You’re a great girl, and I’m proud of you!” Another person said, “Good job, parents. “You guys give me hope,” one person wrote.

Ella’s father was shocked that so many people responded to his video. He said, “It’s crazy that what Ella did has affected so many people.” They are glad that the event made people happy and showed them how powerful a simple act of kindness can be.

A server at the restaurant said that Salkowski brought the plate back and said how grateful he was. After the video went viral, a woman called Ella and Eddie appeared out of the blue with tears in their eyes.

Roseanne, Salkowski’s sister, was the one who told people that Salkowski was a veteran with PTSD. She knew he was still alive because of the video, and the Scotts hoped their clip would help the two find each other.

Ella didn’t care about herself, and her actions made a difference. She showed that it doesn’t matter how young you are; you can always help out.

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