5 Secret Facts About Kissing!

Kisses are what keep our hearts beating, whether it’s a first kiss, a kiss that awakens Sleeping Beauty, a kiss that prevents Snow White from dying, a kiss from a mother before bed, or a kiss that saves Snow White from certain death. They are the sign of love and affection everywhere.

There are numerous ways to kiss to demonstrate how much two people can love one another. The most romantic way to make someone feel special and deserving is through an intimate act of passionate kissing.

1. Whether the French kiss is genuine
Before being referred to as a “French kiss,” the passionate and private kiss shared by two lovers was known as “maraichanage,” also a French term.

The Brittany region of France is where this word’s origins lie. When American and British servicemen serving in France after the First World War returned home safely and were greeted with a passionate kiss from their partner’s home, the names were changed.

2. The Longest Kiss
The longest or lengthiest kiss in recorded history is being given by a couple from Thailand, according to Guinness World Records.

They held each other’s lips for exactly 58 days, 35 hours, and 58 seconds. In 2013, the devoted pair Ekkachai and Laksana Tiranarat broke the previous record; however, their record still needs to be corrected!

3. The longest kiss ever captured on camera
The movie “Elena Undone,” released in 2010, contains this brief kiss that lasts for approximately 3 minutes and 24 seconds.There is a kiss between two females!

5. Fear of kissing
A fear of kissing exists, just as there are other phobias or things that people are frequently afraid of. These individuals are frightened of “the notion of kissing,” to be more precise.

The word “philema,” which means kissing in Greek, is where the fear’s name “philemaphobia” comes from. The fear typically results from a concern over the spread of bacteria and other pathogens.

5. Menstruation might have an impact on kissing!
In fact, you did a good job of reading this. Kissing when on your period might impact the way you kiss because you’re expressing passion and supporting hormonal changes in your body.

particularly how the woman’s side of the kiss feels or expresses it.

According to the study, this happens “because of changes in hormone levels in the body, which change how different parts of the body work, including how saliva works.”

In essence, this means that a woman’s menstruation will affect her partner’s “taste and smell” of her in a different way!

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