10 Bedtime Habits you must avoid

Do you frequently find yourself tossing and turning in bed while attempting to fall asleep but failing? If so, you may be experiencing insomnia.

With insomnia, you have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, and waking up the next morning feeling rested. Stress, daytime sleepiness, irritability, a lack of focus, and elevated blood pressure result from this. When you have chronic insomnia, you start to feel physically and mentally ill.

Many studies have demonstrated that certain of our unhealthy habits contribute to this condition. Here are a few things we need to avoid doing before bed in order to have a good night’s rest:

1. After eating dinner, wait a few hours before going to bed.

You must wait at least two hours between eating dinner and going to bed. This is because your body prevents you from falling asleep until digestion is finished.

2. Avoid consuming coffee four to five hours before bedtime.

Caffeine stimulates and keeps your brain alert.Hence, drink it only when you wish to stay awake.

3. Avoid sleeping barefoot if you’re cold.

Even for a brief while, cold feet prevent you from falling asleep. You should always put on a pair of warm socks before going to bed. Heating pads are another option.

4. Avoid sleeping at unusual hours.

Sleep disruptions might occur at night if you sleep during the day. To help your body get used to it, stick to a schedule and go to bed at the same time every day.

5. Avoid working out right before bed.

A workout energises the body and prolongs your duration of awakeness. Therefore, if you want to exercise, do it early in the day or at least three hours before bed.

6. Avoid reading a book right before bed.

The practise of reading a book until sleepiness sets in is common. Yet it is not a wise practise, particularly if you have insomnia. Aim to complete the reading portion an hour before bed.

7. Avoid using an uncomfortable mattress for sleep.

A comfortable mattress encourages sound sleep. Invest in a comfortable mattress, regardless of price. In the long term, it will benefit you.

8. Avoid consuming any liquids, including water, an hour before bed.

Your sleep will be disturbed since you may need to get up two or three times to go potty.

9. Do not sleep on your stomach.

Choose the sleeping posture that makes you most comfortable, then adopt it. Sleeping on your left side facilitates sound sleep.

10. Make an effort to avoid using electronic devices.

Your brain is stimulated when you stare at mobile devices, tablets, or computers, which keeps you from getting a good night’s sleep. Do not use any devices in bed.

At first, you might find it a little challenging to follow these recommendations. But you will ultimately become accustomed to it and begin to notice the difference. We hope you found the content interesting. Post your opinions in the space below.

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  1. I see your list and the one that I do most often is eat watch TV for an hour and fall asleep but might toss and turn all night. I do not sleep that well as I’ve gotten older, mainly with the ringing in my ears can get so bad sometimes.


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