One Month Before a Heart Attack, Your Body Will Alert By These the 6 Symptoms!

Heart attacks have become increasingly widespread in the global population in recent years. Regrettably, they are the leading cause of death worldwide. They are the result of our stressed lifestyles and poor diets.

You can protect your heart health by making changes to your lifestyle, like eating healthier and getting less stressed. Also, it’s important to notice the signs of heart failure, which usually show up a month before the heart stops working:

1. Shortness of breath
When the lungs don’t get enough oxygen, your heart won’t get the blood that needs to pass through it. Therefore, if you have problems breathing, immediately consult your physician.

2. Cold and flu symptoms
A lot of people, before they experience a heart attack, experience these two symptoms.

3. Chest pressure
This is a clear symptom that a heart attack can take place in the near future. It’s important to consult your physician if you experience chest pain.

4. Weakness
When the arteries tighten, proper blood flow is prevented. Hence, the muscles aren’t getting what they need, which may lead to heart failure. Therefore, if you experience constant fatigue and weakness, consult your physician.

5. Cold sweats and dizziness
Poor circulation makes it hard for blood to get to the brain, which is important for the brain to work right.

6. Drowsiness
If you still feel tired and drowsy after sleeping or resting for some time, and if this goes on for days and days, you could be having a loss of blood flow to the heart.

Prevention of heart attacks is very important; noticing and treating the above-mentioned symptoms timely will significantly lower the chances of having a heart attack.


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