6 Bad Signs That It’s Lust, Not Love

Leading experts in love and relationships say that love isn’t always something that you can create out of thin air.  It is something that takes a lot of real work and thought.

Lust is more uncontrollable. It can either be there or not be there. And here’s the big difference: love has many layers and depths, but lust doesn’t.

But how does that help you figure out if you’re in a relationship based on love or lust? Here are some things to keep an eye out for:

1. Your partner is moving really fast in the relationship.
This is the most clear sign that your relationship is all about lust. You have to understand that real love doesn’t happen in a few seconds. Love is always something that needs time to grow.

Like a good wine, love gets better with age. And you really need to give it time to grow up and become itself. Love can’t happen right away.

2. You’re starting to hurt from all of the sex.
You’ve had WAY TOO MUCH sex if your body hurts from it.It seems like your sex is getting harder than your workouts at the gym.

You don’t want sex to be more important to you than other things. You want sex to make your relationship better, but you don’t want it to be the only thing you do together.

3. Your partner never texts you back when you just want to talk.
In a relationship, there will be times when you just want to talk to your partner. There will be times when you want real advice or just want to connect with another person in a real way.

And if your partner doesn’t make you feel like they’re there for you during these times, you know it’s all about lust.

4. You don’t really know anything deep or intimate about them.
You don’t know much about them besides the fact that they like to have sex with you. They don’t talk about things that are really important to them.

They don’t really tell you about what’s going on inside them. They don’t talk to you about anything deep or personal at all. Small talk or sexual talk is all they ever do.

5. Your partner wants to be in charge of the relationship all the time.
In this relationship, you don’t have a say. You don’t feel like you have much of a say in anything. This is a clear sign that your partner only sees you as something. They don’t see the person you are underneath your body.

6. You never really figure out how to settle your fights.
If your partner walks away when you fight, it means that they aren’t emotionally invested in the relationship. They don’t really want you to work out any problems you might have with each other.

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