4 Female Things That Men Just Adore

We are all used to believing that the ideal female beauty for men is something similar to gorgeous lace underwear on a flawless body.

But should we give men more credit? Is it possible that we are all badly mistaken?


To be honest, no scientific explanation exists to help us comprehend why males adore angry women so much. Men, on the other hand, prefer furious women, and this is a fact.

We’ve all heard the statement “You’re so gorgeous when you’re angry” at some point in our lives. We incorrectly believe that a cornered man will try to calm us down when, in fact, he will try to enrage us even more so that he can appreciate us in all our blazing splendor. Rough-makeup sex is usually really enjoyable.


What could be sexier than a female clothed in a plaid shirt, whether she is naked or wearing it with a tank top? In the eyes of a man, you suddenly become such a daredevil who is not against even the most daring experiments in bed, reminiscent of a teenage romance.


Contrary to popular assumption, not all men desire a partner with a fifth-size breast. Even the fourth is too large. Most members of the dominant sex are concerned with breast shape and suppleness rather than breast size.

And these characteristics are frequently at the peak of a little bust’s proprietors. A small chest is light, frequently has a lovely and sophisticated appearance, is less drooping, and preserves its shape for a longer period of time.


Glasses, which earned many of us the titles “boring” and “botany” in school, have the opposite impact. Behind them, the woman appears either frail and defenseless or confident and independent, both of which pique men’s sexual interest.

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