“2 best pieces of advice to have a happier, more successful career” Successful CEOs

It can be challenging to define your dream career, let alone pursue it—the path can be fraught with risks and self-doubt.

Just ask Glow Recipe’s co-CEOs, Christine Chang and Sarah Lee. In order to pursue an even bigger dream—launching their own skin-care line based on their Korean heritage and K-beauty trends—the pair left their positions as global marketing executives at L’Oréal in 2014.

Chang and Lee pooled their savings of $50,000 to start Glow Recipe and ran it as a two-woman operation until they could afford to hire more employees. Although that meant late nights spent packing shipments and testing products, the early days of Glow Recipe also taught them priceless lessons about how to grow a successful business and career.

Glow Recipe is one of the buzziest brands in skin care, closing out 2021 with an estimated $100 million in sales and counting celebrities like Lizzo and Lili Reinhart as fans. Chang and Lee sat down with CNBC Make It and shared their best advice on landing—and winning — your dream job.

Always think two or three steps ahead.

It’s easy to get sucked into the daily grind of the workplace, but Lee advises that no matter what stage of your career you’re in, you should always have a clear vision of what you want to accomplish.

A director of human resources at L’Oréal Paris gave Lee this advice at the start of her career, and it has stuck with her ever since: “Always think two or three steps ahead, not just your next step.”Make a plan for how you would get there after you have a clear idea of what you want your career to look like.

Hold your end goal in sight and work your way there, advises Lee. It’s helpful to divide the task into smaller, more attainable goals, then determine the quick steps you must take to get there.

“Never do it alone.”
Chang knows how important it is to have help when trying to reach your goals.Lee and a close-knit network of startup co-founders that the two have become friends with along the way are part of hers.

Chang admits she is “extremely independent” and finds it hard to ask for help occasionally,” but after founding Glow Recipe, she immediately realized the importance of having supportive, understanding mentors and colleagues by her side.

She claims that being able to discuss ideas, successes, and failures, as well as candid chats about operating a business, has been a tremendous source of mental support. “You’re free to request assistance. Never attempt it alone!”

To follow Chang’s advice, get in touch with people who are on a similar route to you or hold the position of your dreams and get their expert opinion and guidance on your particular circumstance.

You should continuously consider how to create a network of allies with whom you can trade favors, she continues.

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