If you know Zimbabwe’s Billionaire, Strive Masiyiwa very well, you will agree with us that, he is the man who does not hesitate to share his knowledge and experience with others, especially on wealth creation.

The Billionaire whose wealth has been ranked by indexes to range between 2.5 and 3 billion dollars shared 7 rules to a successful business.

The Telecoms tycoon said “focusing on the idea isn’t enough to grow your business. As an entrepreneur, having the understanding and the ability to build a process around the business is what makes it scale faster,”                                          adding that, “the best way to do this is by mastering the process and respecting institutional framework.


He advised that each business person needs to master the art of finding the right partners. “I understood this early on after I launched Econnect. In the early days of the business, I attempted to raise approximately $10 million, however, I didn’t know a way to do it.
Before that time, the best amount I ever raised was $300,000. So what I did was hire a person who should do what I couldn’t do. I needed to negotiate to give him 10% of the company, however, he was given the job done for me,” he stated.

The billionaire additionally stated one must be grounded in research to discover legitimate information as to who to deal with. “If you’re a small entrepreneur, don’t constantly attempt to get to the CEO or Chairman of the group. Do some research on the organisation and try to discover the person making the decisions on the problem you’re interested in,” he wrote.

According to Strive, the people around you could be of great service so you need to constantly discover them. “While constructing my businesses, I never sought after massive players. I was always about reaching out to humans around me who I needed to help me build my commercial enterprise.
That’s now no longer to say it’s a hard and fast rule. But pay a lot more attention to the passionate young man or woman sitting after you. They’re usually more driven than a person outside your circle.”

The billionaire further advised that one must know his challenges and opportunities. He also added, “Businesses are based on numbers, and the entrepreneur must always function in numbers. Make numbers your best friend.”

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