Billionaire American Businessman Graham Weston’s inspiring success story

The excellent business visionary of Rackspace was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. Graham, from an early age, had an immense interest in entrepreneurship. With excellent business tactics and zeal, Graham successfully started his first business named “Go-Hog Wild” when he was just in seventh grade.

Later, when he got into the 10th grade, Graham started selling livestock show photographs to the contestants. All these signs were enough to indicate the making of a great tycoon who will undoubtedly transform the business arena soon.

Early Career:—
Soon after a few years, Graham decided to try his hands at the Real Estate business, but when the crisis broke during the 80s, Graham and his family resolved to buy and let the Weston Center flourish. By this time, Graham was quite fascinated by the internet uprising. As a result, he and his friend started an all-new business and named it “”. Initially, Graham joined this venture as a Chief Executive Officer and served until 2006, when he became the Chairman.

Weston was conferred the title of “Best Boss” by one of the Business magazines. Besides, Ernst & Young acknowledged him as the Regional Entrepreneur of the Year.

No accord for grandeur is what guides this incredible family! In 2005, when hurricanes like Rita and Katrina hit the country, Graham Weston converted one of his shopping malls into an interim shelter for about 2500 refugees. San Antonio honoured him for the same. Now, the same place serves as Rackspace headquarters. The most remarkable feature of its architecture is the wall hosting the world’s giant word search puzzle.

Graham Weston Foundation also funds the 80/ 20 Foundation, which sponsors programs that fortify technical education and entrepreneurship in San Antonio.

A recent achievement recorded in the name of the Graham Weston Foundation is the purchase of the historical Downtown Property, Soledad, for Rackspace Hosting’s Geekdom Program.

Despite being a multimillionaire, Graham Weston owes a very humble and elementary living. He does not prefer huge mansions or the luxury of private jets or hotels. Instead, he likes to journey on economic airlines and even saves coupons from redeeming free trips! “When we pay attention to what people want from work, everything gets better” – Graham Weston.

Ten years ago, Graham Weston purchased 50 acres of land in Braunfels to build a house but could never make it just because he and his wife Elizabeth were busy raising their children.

Graham Weston, the man behind the making of, has always emphasised “Fanatical Support, i.e., promoting innovative ways to work out things and be there for the customers at every step of their business. Fanatical Support can never be withdrawn since the industry can never stop moving.

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