American billionaire CEO Charles Koch’s inspiring success story.

Fortunes are made with man’s own will. This is true behind the success of Charles Koch. Charles de Ganahl Koch is the chairman, co-owner, and CEO of Koch Industries.

Besides being a businessman, he is quite a philanthropist. Koch Industries was established by Fred C. Koch, the father of Charles Koch and his brother David Koch. It is the second-largest private company in the US. Koch has been the company head for the last four decades, taking the company to a different dimension regarding sales and revenue.

Charles Koch was born on November 1, 1935, in Wichita, Kansas, US. His ancestry is Dutch, and his grandfather Harry Koch migrated to America and settled in Texas. Koch studied at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology, from which he graduated with numerous degrees in 1960.

He acquired his Bachelor of Science in General Engineering, and Master of Science in Chemical and Mechanical Engineering. After his college, Koch started running with Arthur D. Little, Inc. In 1961, he left his job and moved in with his father for the family business. Years later, he was appointed as the President of the business.

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Besides being known as a benefactor and an elusive bogeyman of the business, Koch helps numerous groups and academic societies, political and non-political organizations. He were an lively member of the Republican Party, Libertarian groups, Americans for Prosperity, and exclusive charities withinside the States.

His instructional charities consist of institutes like Mercatus Center at George Mason University and the Institute for Humane Studies. Koch additionally started the Koch Cultural Trust along with his spouse to help artists and innovative professionals. “I believe that cronyism is nothing more than welfare for the rich and powerful, and should be abolished.” — Charles de Ganahl Koch

In his book, ‘The Science of Success’ which was published in 2007, Koch stressed the business strategies and his management policies about establishing any business. His business establishment, the Koch Industries, was originally an oil refining and chemicals company.

However, with success at his side, Koch expanded the existing layout into different industrial sectors    including minerals, fibers, forest, and consumer products and process and pollution control equipment. The estimated annual sales for Koch Industries are $110 billion.

Koch married his wife Liz in 1972 who has been firm support to him throughout the business and philanthropic activities. Koch and all his brothers suffered from prostate cancer. Although being     such an influential personality, Koch prefers to keep a low profile. He has helped several startup companies and organizations to establish through his financial support and guidance.

Among the noted ones are the Bill of Rights Institute and the Market-Based Management Institute. Besides the educational societies and political groups, Koch is a member of the Mont Pelerin Society.

With over a 42% stake in his organization, Koch has an estimated net worth of $41.3 billion. He was listed among the top influential and billionaires in the reputed Forbes magazine, bagging the 18th spot in 2011. Koch brothers were listed   among ‘the most influential people’ of 2011 in TIME magazine.

The magazine along with several others appreciated the determination and the perseverance of the brother, let alone Koch, for the current standing of their company and the support for  various educational institutes, political organizations, and foundations.

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