Billion Dollar start-up founder shares his best advice for building a business!

Aaron Tan has experience running businesses as the co-founder and CEO of the $1 billion vehicle marketplace Carro as well as a previous start-up investor. But if he could give other aspiring businesspeople any advice, it would be to team up with someone.

“I’m not sure if I’m competent to offer general advice.” But I would always advise you to look for a core group of individuals. Telling CNBC to Make It, Tan It was crucial to Tan’s business; she is 36. Finding friends who are willing to make the leap of faith alongside you is the first step. ——— Adam Tan,

He enlisted his pals from Carnegie Mellon’s School of Computer Science to go on the adventure as soon as he got the idea to create an algorithm to allow car buyers and sellers to compare the best offers throughout Southeast Asia.

Aditya Lesmana and Kelvin Chng, Tan’s co-founders, are of Indonesian and Thai descent, respectively. Tan is a Singaporean. Together, they had a considerably greater awareness of the markets they were aiming at and the issues they were trying to solve than Tan alone ever would have had.

“I’m always grateful that my team has had a strong international presence from the beginning. This greatly facilitates our experience when we approach a market,” “Tan remarked. Tan’s early days as a venture capitalist (VC) investing in businesses all throughout the United States and Southeast Asia are referenced in this advice. A start-up needs a strong founding team, he noted.

“As a previous VC, I saw companies, but we didn’t invest, mostly because there was one strong individual and no co-founders,” said Tan. Supporting one another and, by extension, complementing one another is crucial. Aaron Tan is the co-founder and CEO of CARRO’S.

“Supporting and complementing each other, for that matter, is very important to me,” he continued. Tan asserts that a founder’s capacity to assemble a founding team is a sign that they are self-aware and cognizant of their advantages and disadvantages. But it also reveals their capacity for persuasion.

“After some time, you can find more people that believe in the adventure, so you will know whether or not you can build a firm,” said Tan. Before you can find the next 100 or the next 1,000 individuals to expand your business, he continued, you first need to find that group of buddies who are prepared to take the risk with you.

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