How the World’s Wealthiest Entrepreneurs Uses Their Free Time? Here’s how-

Virtually anyone who has reached considerable success in life will readily admit that his or her habits play a big part in that. So if one wants to become like all the successful entrepreneurs, thought leaders, executives, and giants before him or her, the best way to stand on their shoulders is to see what their habits look like. Actions turn into habits, which build productivity — the make-or-break determinant of success or failure.

Emulating someone involves looking at the totality of his or her life and seeing how he or she lives, breathes, and acts. And while there are countless studies, books, and articles that look into how successful entrepreneurs work, there aren’t enough that show how they make use of their free time. So let’s take a look into some practices that the wealthy and successful have when they aren’t busy grinding.

1. They wake up at the same time
If there’s one thing that successful people don’t do, it’s sleeping in on the weekends. That’s because many studies point to the importance of following a Circadian rhythm to maintain a sense of consistency.

When our sleeping pattern becomes erratic, it eats into the rest of the week and gets our body confused. By waking up at the same time on the weekends, successful people allow their bodies to maintain a steady rhythm.

Some successful people are known to rise early include Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, who wakes up at 3:45 a.m., and Ellevest CEO and co-founder Sallie Krawcheck, who’s up and about at 8:00 a.m. Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama, Mark Whalberg, and many others ensure that they maximize their mornings as well.

2. They keep learning
The most significant mistake people make after college is thinking that their learning season has ended. We’re never truly done with learning. There’s always something new to learn and an area that we can improve in. And successful entrepreneurs have a way of building that into their calendars deliberately.

On his famous “think weeks,” legendary entrepreneur and philanthropist Bill Gates likes to bury himself in books while taking time off the day-to-day bustles of his vast empires. However, constant learning is critical for someone who wants to keep growing, and that entails taking time to read, taking online courses, and listening to podcasts on weekends, breaks, or when you’re winding down before bed.

3. They take care of their health
Physical health is a profound contributing factor to entrepreneurial and work success. Many studies correlate physiological and psychological health. Some of the world’s most prominent entrepreneurs admit to keeping a strict exercise regimen no matter how busy they get.

Healthy living does more than boost the physical body. It also builds up one’s emotional well-being — something that a lot of entrepreneurs tend to neglect. There’s a millennia-old philosophy that correlates one’s physiology with psychology. The healthier we are, the happier we become.

Moreover, healthy living — having a fitness regimen and eating healthily — builds more integrity in our life on top of giving us more energy to refocus back into our days. It’s not a secret that healthier people tend to work more efficiently. They have more focus, endurance, drive, and creativity. These are but a few of the many benefits of taking care of one’s health. To build muscle by exercising at the start or end of the day and continuing it on weekends.

4. They connect with loved ones
The well-known social media and entrepreneurship professional Gary Vaynerchuk are known for working like a horse on weekdays. But on weekends, he shares that he is “all-in on the kids” and maximizes his time with family. Contrary to famous belief, work achievement doesn’t have to be in a constant tug of conflict with home life achievement. Successful and rich humans still like to take time to connect with friends and loved ones and could even admit that it’s middle to their professional growth.

The saddest thing in life is pursuing a lot of material success that we miss out on the things that matter most to us: our relationships. Life is a massive balancing act at times, as we discover the time to focus on families and friends and the limitless hustle and bustle of entrepreneurial living. But when we discover that balance — even if at times it feels imperfect— we’re on to something huge.

5. They pick up a hobby
Having an interest or vocation allows for keeping people optimal and creative. These ardor tasks are often completely indifferent to their professional work and could have little or no to do with making money. Some hobbies would possibly consist of creating music, going on outdoor hikes, photography, writing a novel, and plenty of others.

These hobbies help construct greater headspace and put together the thoughts for vital choices and approach work when it’s time to put the pedal to the metal on workdays.

Success is a process
Many other tips and practices that can help one become a more successful entrepreneur. While you might feel like you have a long way to go after looking at those tips, don’t feel bad. We’re all works in progress. Sometimes what matters more than looking back at how far you’ve come is being excited about how much more you have ahead of you. So don’t forget to enjoy the journey.

After all, success is a process, not a destination. And it’s a fun one at that. So don’t wait till you “get there” to savor the moment. Love whatever season you’re in now. It’s worth it.

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