Net worth $250 million USD- American CEO Glenn Beck’s inspiring success story

Glenn Beck is the Founder and CEO of Mercury Radio Arts, a multimedia production. The organization produces content for radio, tv, and the internet.

Beck is a famous American television personality, well-known for his radio shows and talks. He hosts the Glenn Beck Radio Program, a radio talk show aired throughout the United States. He is also the writer of six New York Times best-promoting books.

Glenn was born on February 10, 1964, in Washington, United States. His family later moved to Mount Vernon, Washington, wherein they ran their bakery. Beck was raised as a Roman Catholic and was sent to Immaculate Conception Catholic School in Mount Vernon.

In 1979, Beck’s mom died drowning in a small boat, while she was out with a companion. After her death, Beck moved together along with his sister to their father’s place, wherein he finished his education at Sehome High School.

Early Career:—Beck started his career with the radio station KAYAK. He left the job after six months and relocated to Washington D.C. He joined the WPGC.

###Highlights:— Beck was offered an opportunity to be the Lead DJ for a morning drive radio show, Captain Beck and the A-Team in 1985. The Glenn Beck Program became a huge success. The Premiere Radio Networks launched the show nationwide in more than 40 stations.

By 2008, it was ranked 4th with over six million listeners. Beck joined CNN in 2006. He hosted a news commentary show, Glenn Beck, which fetched him the second-largest audience. In 2008, Beck was given   the Marconi Radio Award for the Network Syndicated Personality of the Year.

In 2011, Beck launched The Blaze, his television network which airs his show ‘The Glenn Beck Program. Beck is also the Founder of Mercury One, a non-profit organization that does not accept donations or grants. Beck promoted the Restoring Honor Rally, which intended to promote religious faith and    patriotism, in 2010. The Rally was supported by the Tea Party Movement and co-sponsored by Special Operations Warrior Foundation.

###Personal Life:—- Beck married Claire and they have two daughters, Mary and Hannah. But the couple got divorced in 1994. In 1999, he married Tania, with whom he has two children – Cheyyene and an adopted child Raphe.

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