Man finds an old savings account of his father: he becomes a millionaire, inheriting $1,200,000 USD

Let’s face it: we’ve all hoped, at least once, to win the lottery. A dream that, unfortunately, becomes a reality for very few people. It would be great to wake up one day and find out that you are a millionaire. What if this really happens?

What if, one morning, luck decides to knock on your door and change your life forever? But be advised, the lottery isn’t the only way to get rich. The subject of this story knows something about this.

He is Exequiel Hinojosa, a middle-aged man who recently made a shocking discovery. Hinojosa lives in Santiago de Chile and one day was sorting out the documents of his deceased father. At one point, he found a very old savings book his father had, dating back to the 60s and 70s.

The initial sum of money paid in Hinojosa’s dad was only $ 173 dollars which, over the years and thanks to inflation, had grown “slightly”. When the man found the booklet and investigated it through his lawyers, he discovered that  the total amounted to about one million two hundred thousand dollars ($ 1,200,000).

This was a really staggering amount. What would you have done in his shoes? You probably would have quit your job immediately and enjoyed your newly acquired wealth. Hinojosa, however, did not.

He has remained the same person as before, despite having become a millionaire. “I like to work, it makes me feel useful and I don’t want to stop,” said the man. He continued, “I will use this money to guarantee a good education for my grandchildren and I will buy a small piece of land. In this way I will be able to realize my dream of building the house I always wanted. And then, as my daughter suggested, I hope to be able to open a driving school “.

Of course, getting the money wasn’t easy for him. It was a very old bank book, so it was necessary to contact the State Defense Council, the Supreme Court and even the President of the Republic. The bankbook had, in fact, been sequestrated by the state and   kept in a frozen cash account, meaning that it would take a long time to unlock it and pay it out. But finally, the date on which the money would reach its legitimate heir was fixed, and plans for the future decided.

Apparently, Hinojosa had to wait quite a while before that happened, but luck finally knocked on his door. We hope with all our hearts that from now on, Exequiel will be able to live an even happier and more peaceful life than before and that he will find a way to make the best use of the inherited money.

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