10 Practical Tips for Overcoming your FEAR

If you’re looking for practical tips for overcoming fear, you’ve come to the right place. This post will provide a handful of helpful tips to help you overcome anxiety and improve your life. Before we get started, it’s probably a good idea to establish what fear is.

So, as a common term, fear is “an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain or a threat.” Fear is also that sinking feeling in your stomach telling you to abandon the ship. It’s your self-doubt and self-consciousness wrapped into one. Fear is what leads you to success.

Learning to love your fears is the first step to becoming the best version of yourself. Our brains are easily programmable. Fear exists when there aren’t enough reference points for the mind to articulate reality. Without attempting to tackle fears, they become insurmountable in our minds. When these fears are tested, they begin to show us the light.

How to Start Overcoming Fear: Your fear will control you until you deal with it. It will always linger in your mind, waiting to strike. Fear doesn’t want you to step up and take a risk. Fear would rather you stay in your comfort zone while it gets fed by your constant anxiety. In short, fear is what helps you stay alive.

However, in this day and age, overcoming fear is required if you wish to thrive. You have to face your fears to get anywhere in life. Without meeting your worries, you won’t ever know what it means to dive headfirst into the unknown. You’ll always take the safe route in life because it’s easy. But safe doesn’t get you anywhere.

This is why we created this robust set of tips for overcoming fear. We want to help you overcome the obstacles that hold too many people back from living their best life. So, let’s dive in and get you on your way to better understanding your fears, so you can begin demolishing them in no time. Tips for Overcoming Fear:

1) Acknowledge where fear comes from:

Fear comes from the mind’s inability to understand a scenario without evidence. Your fears don’t define you; they’re just the mind’s way of coping with the unknown. Being afraid is normal.

The issue stems from letting these fears run rampant. The mind requires evidence to make conclusions; without facing your fears, the resulting anxiety begins to multiply. Realize that fears are untested thoughts, and their control over you dwindles.

2) Your Fears Want the Best: Fears attempt to stop us from bettering ourselves, but they want us to become the best version of ourselves. It’s irony at its best. Let fear control you, or control your fear and be rewarded.

The gut feeling that you’re scared is how you know you’re on the right track. You’re venturing into the unknown; the mind feels at risk. Please give the reason and the evidence it needs to stop being scared. Let your mind make evidence-based conclusions and understand that the projections we imagine don’t hold up in reality.

3) You Grow in Discomfort: How do you know you’re making progress? You feel uncomfortable. Facing your fears is the ultimate discomfort. You’re letting your mind know you are willing to object to comfort. Allowing yourself to be uncomfortable goes against the grain; your entire reality is at risk.

And you know what? Let your reality get shattered. Allow your mind to see that your fears are nothing more than hasty conclusions. The more you face your fears, the more you begin to embrace them. The growth you gain by tackling your discomfort is incomprehensible.

4) You Make Your Reality: Are you going to sit patiently and hope good things come to you? Or would you rather defy reality and get what you want out of life? Overcoming your fears is the difference between winners and losers. No one will live your life for you; you must make yourself heard. Without ever taking risks, you’ll be right where you started.

Instead of sitting quietly, ask your boss for the raise you deserve. Ask the girl or guy out that you’ve been eyeing for the past few weeks. Sign up for that rock-climbing class. Opportunities are ripe for the taking.

5) Fear is Your Guiding Light: Embrace your fears. Begin a romantic relationship with the fact that you feel human. Start loving the feeling inside your stomach, which is attempting to keep you safe. Fear wants you to stay right where you are, telling you exactly what you need to know.

They are walking right into your fears rather than running. When emotions are left unaddressed, they run rampant. It’s your mission to understand yourself better and to dive deep into uncomfortable feelings. Thrive in your fear.

6) You’ll Be a Badass: The immense self-confidence you gain from fear-busting is enormous. You’ll go from sitting in a corner, paralyzed by fear, to understanding that your concern on a deep level is helping you rather than hurting. To become a badass, you start by overcoming your deepest fears.

You only have one life to live. It’ll take you a split second of your time to face fear. You’re trading off a second of your life for self-confidence that lasts a lifetime. It’s hard to say no to that!

7) There’s Something Wrong if You Aren’t Scared: Change your perspective. If you don’t feel fear, something is wrong. Fear drives us to jump. Without this compelling urge to investigate and make a change, we would never strive to better ourselves. Imagine what your life would look like without fear; it’d be boring!

Most people don’t realize the incredible transformational power that fear holds. The ones that seek fear are the ones that seek opportunities and take risks. Risk-taking is how you develop intuition.

8) Build a Social Circle that Pushes You: You need to find like-minded people who are also pushing their boundaries. These friends are the ones who will be there to remind you that your fear is unfounded. There will be moments when you need that extra push off the proverbial cliff.

It’s easy to give advice, but practicing what you preach can be difficult. Find a group of people who are pushing themselves constantly, as they will push you when needed. Pushing the envelope gets easier when a friend reminds you that you’ll be okay.

9) Face Your Fear TODAY: Time gets faster as we grow older. Blink, and you might miss the next few years. You don’t have time to wait. Life will be over before you know it. You’ll want to relish the action you took and the braveness you showed throughout your life. You won’t remember when you sat at home watching Netflix with your favorite ice cream. The memories that stick impact our lives.

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