Hong Kong’s billionaire entrepreneur William Fung’s inspiring success story

Dr. William Fung Kwok Lun is the managing director of the Li & Fung Group. William Fung is a Honk Kong entrepreneur who has a net worth of $2.5 billion. William Fung earned his wealth as one of the heirs of Li & Fung Group, the world’s top supplier of clothes and toys.

Childhood:—-  Fung was born in the year 1949 in Hong Kong. He is the grandson of Fung Pak-Liu who was the co-founding father of Li & Fung, and the son of Fung Hon-Chu. Fung has an older brother, Victor.

He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from the well-known Ivy League Princeton University withinside the United States. Fung did his MBA from Harvard Business School.

Fung joined his family business, Li & Fung. With his superb business skills, Fung converted the small partnership co-founded by his grandfather and Li To-ming right into a multinational buying and selling company with a large sourcing community. Fung is the Group Managing Director of Li & Fung Group. Li & Fung’s sourcing community is spread over 44 countries and has over 70 operations.

Fung is an independent non-executive director of Singapore Airlines, CLP Holdings Limited, Shui On Land Limited, and VTech Holdings Limited and a non-executive director of HSBC Holdings. Fung has held lots of key positions in outstanding trade and business associations.

He was the Chairman of the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce, the Hong Kong Committee for Pacific Economic Cooperation Council (PECC), and the Hong Kong Exporters’ Association. In the year 1999 Fung acquired an Honorary Doctorate of Business Administration from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

Personal Life:-
Fung is married and has three children.   Fung was declared ‘Businessman of the Year’ in 2005 by Forbes Magazine and ‘Emerging Markets CEO’ of the year by Euromoney in 2000.

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